My little daughter who is grown was one of those kids who walked all around the coffee table when she was learning to walk, touching as she went, never letting go. She could walk all over the house touching the walls or chairs, and if there wasn’t something to touch, she got down and crawled. She was over a year old when she finally let go and walked across the room.

Once at church, my best friend’s first-born son started walking across the aisle to his daddy–at 7 months old! I could barely believe my own eyes. “Edna,” I said, “that baby is not old enough to walk. How did you teach him to walk so young?” She said, “I tie a harness around him and walk him around as I do housework.” The harness held him up and he had no idea he was supposed to fall.

I read recently that babies fall at least 2000 times, while learning to walk. I probably fell more times than that when I was learning to walk. I was born with twisted feet that Mother held in her hands and prayed over. She was overprotective of me because her two-room house had concrete floors. Every time I fell she was afraid I would “bust my little ol’ noggin’.”

The Lord knows our weaknesses. He knows we were born with “twisted feet” and the tendency to fall or sin. It’s because of our sin nature that we inherited from our ancestor Adam. The only way for us to “learn to walk” was to be born again, through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross.
God sent Jesus to straighten out the crooked paths and make the way straight. Jesus walks with us, with a little harness around our heart, propping us up as we walk.

The Bible says in Psalms 37:24, “Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down; for the Lord upholds him with His Hand” and in Micah 7:8, “When I fall, I will arise.” Every person faces struggles in their lives, but the winner is the one who gets back up after falling. The last man standing is the winner, so don’t give up.

The key to the victorious life is getting back up again.