Come Boldly

“Wasn’t this the holiest place, where only the high priest was allowed to enter? How could we enter it so casually?” The tourist thought to himself as he entered the Holy Place in the  tabernacle in southern Israel. Of course, it was only a replica, built without the gold or […]

He Hears Me

When I got my iphone several years ago, I was excited about being able to use “Siri,” the Apple built-in assistant which answers questions and follows commands. All you have to do is hold down the Home button or say, “Hey Siri” and she answers. I have my phone connected […]

Savings in Heaven

One of the banks in our town advertises that it is “the oldest national bank in the state of Oklahoma still operating under its original charter, a safe place to keep your money in troubled times.” I haven’t been doing very well at saving money or cutting expenses. I have […]

God’s Jewelry

  The sight brought wonder to my young heart, while sitting out in the backyard at twilight, seeing the twinkles in the air around me. We called them lightening bugs. And we pulled off their little lights  and placed it on our ring fingers, like a brilliant diamond. Every little girl […]

My New Dress

Do you remember your first store-bought clothes?  When I was about 12, when school started, a church lady told Mama she wanted to buy my younger sister and me a couple of dresses. One of my dresses was a light yellow shirt-waist dress, with short sleeves. I felt like a […]

What We Eat

After I moved back to Vinita, Oklahoma, in 1977, my little son and I would go to Grand Lake fishing with Mom and Dad sometimes. Daddy would say, “Let’s go fishing,” then head outside to mess around with his fishing poles and tackle. Mom packed crackers and cheese, apples, cookies, […]