Come Boldly

“Wasn’t this the holiest place, where only the high priest was allowed to enter? How could we enter it so casually?” The tourist thought to himself as he entered the Holy Place in the  tabernacle in southern Israel. Of course, it was only a replica, built without the gold or acacia wood, but in every other way just like the tabernacle for which God gave Moses the plans.

God appeared to Moses and gave him the specific details of every piece of furniture, every wall, every doorway, all designed by God. The complete blueprint was spelled out to Moses.

When God gave Moses the plans for the tabernacle, it was patterned after the tabernacle in heaven. Paul said that perfect tabernacle was not made with hands, so it must be the one in heaven that God made.

The outer part of the tabernacle was the Holy Place, where the priests sacrificed animals every day to God. Inside the inner tent was the Holy of Holies, where the high priest entered once a year to offer blood as a sacrifice for the sins of the whole nation. Hebrews says that Jesus Christ is our high priest forever. After He was crucified and rose again, He entered the Holy of Holies in heaven one time, taking His own blood to place on the heavenly ark of the covenant, as the final sacrifice for all sins.

Like the tourist who described how he felt when he walked into the Holy of Holies in the replica model of the Tabernacle, we feel uncomfortable when we think of coming into the throne room of God, but since Jesus Christ offered His own blood once and for all, now we have access to God Himself, the Creator of the Universe and God Almighty.

“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16 NKJV.

The throne of grace is God’s throne in the Holy of Holies and Jesus has invited us to come, and come boldly.

Lavon Hightower Lewis