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O Come Let Us Adore Him

  Our family tradition revolved around the music of the Christmas. We sang it at church, at school in the special Christmas program, and all around the house. I took piano lessons so I learned to play all the Christmas carols. I was in chorus in school so I learned […]

The River

Years ago, I went to San Antonio to a telephone company school for 2 weeks. That weekend while I was there, several of the students who were from the area invited us who were from out of state to go downtown to The River. We parked on the street, which […]

The Shaking

  Several years ago cracks developed in our walls and at the doorways and windows, and in the exterior brick. To preserve the value of our home, we called a company that repairs foundations and after a hefty amount of money was exchanged, our home was fitted with 14 piers, […]