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No Need for a Battery

I was going through some older stuffed animals in the spare bedroom recently, when I ran across a stuffed bear in nightclothes and a nightcap. As I cuddled him, I remembered that he used to have a heart, which I found in the dresser drawer. I found a 9-volt battery […]


I have an evening kitchen routine. I do the dishes or at least load the dishwasher, wipe down the counters, and sometimes sweep the floors before shutting off the lights. It is a joy to get up to a clean kitchen every morning. Developing routines helps us accomplish more without […]

He Hears Me

When I got my iphone several years ago, I was excited about being able to use “Siri,” the Apple built-in assistant which answers questions and follows commands. All you have to do is hold down the Home button or say, “Hey Siri” and she answers. I have my phone connected […]

Savings in Heaven

One of the banks in our town advertises that it is “the oldest national bank in the state of Oklahoma still operating under its original charter, a safe place to keep your money in troubled times.” I haven’t been doing very well at saving money or cutting expenses. I have […]