The Great Guide

Our neighbor man fished all the time. He fished for crappie, bass, catfish, I guess just about every kind of fish there was. I remember the time he came home from fishing with a giant turtle, and all of us kids played with it. Some even had their pictures taken riding on the back of the turtle.
As far as we were concerned, he didn’t work. He just played around and fished all the time. As I grew up, I learned that he was a well-known fishing guide in northeast Oklahoma, maybe the best in all of Oklahoma. When people planned a fishing trip on Grand Lake, they frequently hired him to take them fishing, since he knew when the fish were biting, where they were located, what the fish were biting on.
I don’t know much about fishing but our neighbor Dutch Faulconer did, and because Dutch had fished so much in Grand Lake, he was a great fishing guide.
The way I understand it, a guide is one who has been where you want to go, has fished for what you want to fish for, and caught what you want to catch. He knows all the right places, because he has been there, lived through it, and brought back the fish to eat.
The Lord Jesus walked the dirt roads of this earth. He lived through all the circumstances of life.  He knows what we are going through. He knows the places to go, the best way to walk. He’s the only man ever to walk this earth who didn’t sin. “This High Priest of ours understands our weaknesses since he had the same temptations we do, though he never once gave way to them and sinned.” Hebrews 4:15 The Living Bible.
“I will instruct you (says the Lord) and guide you along the best pathway for your life; I will advise you and watch your progress.” Psalms 32:8
God is our great Guide in everything we do. Where He leads me, I will follow.