God’s Jewelry


The sight brought wonder to my young heart, while sitting out in the backyard at twilight, seeing the twinkles in the air around me. We called them lightening bugs. And we pulled off their little lights  and placed it on our ring fingers, like a brilliant diamond.

Every little girl loves jewelry. We invented our own play jewelry. We licked tiny rose petals and stuck them to our ears for earrings and to our fingernails for nail polish. We put thin washers or cigar wrappers on our fingers for rings and made hair ornaments from chains of clover flowers.

Every woman loves jewelry. She looks forward to the day when her love presents her with an engagement ring, a symbol of his love for her. She treasures every gift of love she receives throughout her life, usually either passing on to her daughters her precious jewelry wardrobe or wearing them to her grave.

God must love jewelry too. In Haggai 2:23, He says, “I will make you my signet (ring)” and in Malachi 3:17, He says, “They shall be mine, saith the Lord of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels.”

All the diamonds in the whole world could never have bought the salvation of even one person. All the pearls, rubies, or sapphires God ever created could not ransom you. He valued you enough to pay a great price for you, the precious and only Son of God, as a ransom for your salvation.

God sent the Crown Jewel of Heaven, Jesus Christ, to purchase you for Himself, so you could become His signet ring, the jewel on His finger.