This is the Confidence


Every time we kids needed something, we went to Mama. Whether it was something to eat, or clothes, or something special for school, we knew she would come up with it.

When we were in school, each year we got new school supplies. When we were in Home Economics in high school, Mama always came up with the money to buy our sewing supplies. Some of my friends didn’t take Home Economics because they didn’t have the money for it, but it didn’t bother our mom. Somehow she came up with the money and she let us pick out our sewing patterns, fabric, and all sewing supplies. She didn’t even try to talk us into buying cheaper fabric.

When school pictures were taken, each of us 4 kids ordered the full school package of 8x10s, 5x7s, and even little pictures to trade with our friends. Many of my friends now tell me they didn’t ever buy their school pictures and don’t have any of those now.

Before you think that was no big deal, you should know that Mama took in ironings when we were very young, and then when we all were in school she went to work at the school cafeteria.

After we were grown, we often called Mom to pray for us, because we knew that she knew how to get hold of God. We had great confidence in her prayers until the day she passed away.

We had confidence that whatever we needed, Mama would be sure we received it. We weren’t embarrassed to ask, because we knew she loved to give us not only what we needed, but things we wanted too.

This is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. So if we know that He hears whatever we ask, we know that we have whatever we asked of Him.” I John 5:14-15 Modern English Version.

Having confidence in my mother taught me to have confidence in God. Just as my mother loved to provide for her children, how much more will our Father God provide everything we need.