The Tricycle of Time


My daughter loaned me her one-speed bike last week. I’m going to put a comfortable old lady’s seat on it and cruise the streets of Vinita, as soon as the heat wave is over.

I got my first bike for my birthday the summer before third grade, a used bike from my older sister’s friend up the street. I could only go as far as the ends of the block. Later Mama trusted me to ride down on the southside of town where my friend Victoria and I rode Canadian Street behind the rodeo grounds at top speed, screaming as we raced down the hill.

My little brother had a tricycle about that time. He and the neighborhood kids were always riding it. The trike couldn’t keep up with my bike. In fact, they were forbidden to have it in the street.

Top speed for my one-speed bike with a rider in great condition would probably be 10 miles an hour. 10-speed bikes with all those gears have the ability to go much faster, maybe 30 or 40 miles per hour. Compare that to a car that can go 120 miles per hour or a jet airplane at 500-600 mph.

If you were going to travel from Oklahoma to California, would you take off riding a tricycle? Bicyclists do ride long distances like that on bike, and many people drive to California by car, but I would guess the majority of us travel by plane. You usually travel by whatever means will take the shortest time.

In Ezekiel 1:16, Ezekiel spoke of seeing “a wheel in the middle of a wheel.”

 The little wheel inside the big wheel was turning faster than the big wheel. Many Bible teachers have used the explanation of the little wheel in the middle being the wheel of time and the big wheel being the wheel of eternity or timelessness.

If you step off the little wheel of time, the tricycle of time, and get alone with God, you can step out onto the wheel of eternity or timelessness, where God can plan your time.

The old song says, “The big wheel turns by the grace of God.”

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