The Sumac Shrub

Sumac shrub in the fall


I was driving along a stretch of hay country in northeast Oklahoma, admiring the autumn colors as I sang along to the radio. I kept noticing a reddish-brown shrub that just glowed in the afternoon sun. Pretty thing, I thought, I should plant one of those in the yard. I wonder what it is?

I had to slow down for a truck going around a hilly curve and that gave me a chance to get a closer, longer look at the shrub. It was a sumac, which is considered a pest in Oklahoma. The old-timers called it “shoe-make.” It grows everywhere. It is considered invasive, because it will take over if you don’t keep close control over it. I read in a decorating magazine recently that people are planting sumac for its rich autumn color and low growth habit in their landscaped yards.

Reminds me of the time back in the 70s, when I planted honeysuckle on the trellis of my front porch at my first home. In 2 years the porch was almost hidden by the honeysuckle.

When I was a little kid, we had honeysuckle growing on the fence row on the north side of our house. I loved to pick a little honeysuckle blossom and suck the nectar out of it, pretending I was a bee. The juice was barely sweet and just a tiny sip, so you had to sip several to get a good taste of it. Every summer Mom spent hours cutting back the honeysuckle to keep it from breaking down the fence.
That is like sin. Sweet, fun, beautiful color and blossoms. Then gradually it consumes your life. Takes over the whole fence row and breaks down the fence. Satan puts these temptations in your pathway and you are drawn to the beautiful color, the nice shape, the sweet nectar, but in the end, those things will break down your defenses.
I Peter 5:8-9 says, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Resist him steadfast in the faith.”

Keep a watch out for the adversary. Resistance is not futile.

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  1. Love this scripture………must see that my nephews read this scripture, if I have to put it on their Facebook page, it will shock them, but hey they are shocked anyways that Aunt Sharon has a Facebook Page.
    They were raised in the Church of Christ, but have only left their Mom going to the church each Sunday, no my brother never went with them, keep praying one day they will all gather and worship.
    Ar. Golden Buddy, Sharon

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