Launch Out

Jesus used Peter’s boat as a stage to preach from with water as a natural amplification system. He wanted to repay Peter for the use of his boat, so He told Peter to get out away from the shore and let down his nets for a catch of fish. Jesus told Peter, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a draught.” Luke 5:4 KJV.

Peter had fished all night and hadn’t caught a thing but he said, “Nevertheless, at thy word” and did what Jesus told him to do. And the result was probably the biggest catch he ever took. His boat was about to sink and he had to call for help from other boats.

Each one of those fish was like a dollar bill to Peter. After a profitless night of hard work, now in just a short time, Peter probably had enough money to pay all his bills and live on for a long time. Then Jesus said to Peter, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”

Peter did something for Jesus. The result was that Jesus did something for Peter, using what was natural for Peter to supply his needs. But Peter had to make up his mind to do just what Jesus said.

In one act of obedience, when all natural wisdom cautioned against it, Peter took Jesus at His word and said, “Nevertheless, at thy word, I will.”

We can do something for Him, as He asks us to, like teach a Sunday School class, sing in the choir, give to the poor. When Jesus speaks to your heart, through His word, decide that you will be a Peter and take Jesus at His word.

You’ll receive much more than your little boat can hold.