Heaven Is Real

I learned about Heaven and angels and Jesus when I was a little girl in Sunday school. We sang songs about Heaven, so I have always known that Heaven is real.

“I’m going to Heaven, I’m going there when I die
I’m going to Heaven in the sweet, sweet bye and bye
So angels place my order For a mansion and a crown
and in that Book up yonder Just write my full name down.”

“Heaven, happy home above, Heaven, land of peace and love
Oh, it makes me feel like traveling on
Heaven, eternal, Heaven, supernal
I’m so glad that it’s real.”

It is like getting on an airplane bound for Ireland. I have never been to Ireland. I know it exists because I studied geography in school. I have heard of people from Ireland. In fact, my ancestors were probably from Ireland (and Scotland and England.) I’d love to go to Ireland some day and visit the countryside where my ancestors lived and listen to the people speak Gaelic, the Irish language or English with an Irish brogue. But I have never been to Ireland, so I must take it on faith that Ireland actually exists.

I have never been to Heaven, but I’ve been to Oklahoma. I was born in Oklahoma. I’ve lived in Oklahoma all my life. Some people think Oklahoma is cowboys and Indians, oil derricks, flat plains and the Dust Bowl. But Oklahoma around Vinita is hills and valleys, Grand Lake, the tail end of the Ozarks out of Missouri and Arkansas, lush hay fields and cattle ranches. Oklahoma has a wide range of environments.

Heaven is as real as Ireland and Oklahoma. One day, like Paul, I will say, “The time of my departure is at hand.” 2 Timothy 4:6, then I will step out of Oklahoma and into Heaven.

The door to my airplane will close, the airplane will taxi down the runway, lift off and fly away, and when the door opens, I will be in Heaven.

“Lavon, you are not in Oklahoma anymore,” the Lord will say as He welcomes me Home to the Country of Heaven.

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  1. My ancestors were from Scotland, Ireland, England, also I am a little Welsh and a steak of Cherokee Indian/Dad’s family.
    Oh Lavon, do you know the Song: My Christian Heritage?
    Heard that at a Holiness Wedding in Sept., Dad’s family, it was a beautiful song, make you shiver.
    Ar. Buddy, Sharon

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