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JoAnn Reno Wray

I remember vividly when we took our son to his first year of college. At age 18, he’d just survived and been healed of a cancer that had spread through his body. Against all dire warnings that his chance to survive were very slim, he had miraculously been healed. It even astonished doctors. That day, over a year past his high school graduation, we helped him settle in his college dorm room and were soon heading home to Tulsa OK from his school in Wichita KS. We had to pull off the freeway because neither my husband nor I could stop sobbing.

Letting go of a child, sending them off to college is hard enough, but when your only son had come a hair’s breadth away from death, fighting against cancer, it is even harder. I watched him in the rear view mirror, waving, smiling about the adventure ahead. I watched until he could no longer be seen.

Shortly after, my husband and I pulled off the road to cry together and, more importantly, pray together placing our son firmly in Father God’s capable hands.

Today our son, now 43, has been married about 11 years to a lovely gal from China. Together they raised her son, our grandson, who is on his second year at West Point Naval Academy. In life’s darkest moments the Love of The Almighty shines through and leads us on God’s chosen path to unimaginable blessings.

We also are blessed with our oldest daughter, her husband, and four grandkids by them- three adopted and a miracle granddaughter who was never supposed to have been even conceived. Through every trial and difficulty God has been ever faithful, even and especially during the two times I died when hospitalized. I KNOW my Redeemer Liveth.

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