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Deer Hunter

My husband is a deer hunter. No, he doesn’t hunt bambi; he hunts the big one. We eat deer meat year round. Deer steaks, deer chili, deer spaghetti, deer jerky–you just can’t beat my husband’s deer jerky.  Esau was a deer hunter, a man’s man. He loved the great outdoors. […]

The Sumac Shrub

  I was driving along a stretch of hay country in northeast Oklahoma, admiring the autumn colors as I sang along to the radio. I kept noticing a reddish-brown shrub that just glowed in the afternoon sun. Pretty thing, I thought, I should plant one of those in the yard. […]


  Our family was quarantined with scarlet fever when I was about 10. Someone from the health department posted a notice on our front door saying no one was to enter or exit the house for two weeks. The corner grocer left sacks of groceries on our porch.  The school […]


“Are you ready for some football?” When I was in Camp Fire Girls Horizon Club during high school, we invited the football coach to come speak to our club about football. He explained the rules of the game and how it was played and I can truthfully say it went […]