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Pray for Peace

People ask me, “Have you lived here all your life?” My husband says, “Not yet, I haven’t.” I have lived in Vinita, Oklahoma, most of my life except for 7 years back in the early 70’s. I came home in 1977 and have lived here ever since. It used to be a “two-stop-light […]

Seasons of Life

Warm days, cool nights. Rainy days. Leaves turning autumn colors. I love the seasons of the year. Can’t say which I love more. Each has its own special treats. Seasons change. Nothing stays the same. We are born, we live, we die. Some have called it futile, but there is […]

Mother Hen

MOTHER HEN Once a week, my 97-year-old mother gets a full shower, her hair washed and set, and her nails trimmed and filed. Sometimes we polish her fingernails. When I give her a choice of color she always chooses a light pink almost pearl color. I can remember as preteen […]