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Turn Here

Have you ever been driving along through town and had a thought, “I should turn here”? Perhaps you did turn and found out later that there had been a wreck on the main road and you would have been tied up for hours. That happened a while back on I-44 […]

Snow Memories

I looked out the window at a foot of snow in my yard. Snow that hadn’t been stepped in. Pure snow in sweet drifts. The snow covers the dead grass, fallen leaves, wilted potted plants, upended sandbox, ruts and bare spots on the lawn. The fresh blanket of snow makes everything […]

Precious Memories

If you want to get people started laughing or crying, just start talking about Christmas memories. Everyone has a story. I remember bringing the Christmas tree home from school the last day of school. We were poor so the school gave us the tree. I remember walking through Otasco looking at […]

Getting My Joy Back

I was not glad when I got out of bed this morning. Some things have occurred recently that tried to take away my joy.  Now I know I’m not the only one who has troubles. Life is full of troubles and it doesn’t seem to care much who you are […]

Coming Back

  Garth Brooks is coming back to Tulsa, Oklahoma, for a concert. The ticket sales broke his previous record with 105,000 tickets sold in two hours, so he scheduled four more shows, bringing the total to seven shows. Garth Brooks’ last concert in Tulsa was 17 years ago. Everyone knows […]