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Train Up a Child

It’s a wonder we kids who grew up on Bull Creek made it out of grade school without dying from snake bite, malaria from mosquitos, or tetanus from stepping on broken glass and tin cans. The day that school let out in May, we headed for the creek and alleyways to play […]

The Way She Should Go

Daddy worked out of town for the railroad, but in his spare time in the 1950s, he took a course on TV repair.  Daddy had a suitcase with TV tubes and a tube tester inside. When you opened the lid, one side was the tester and the other side held […]

The Blood of Jesus

   I love to watch TV shows where the police study the crime scene. Sometimes these crimes are years old, but using special techniques in forensics they can solve the crime with old evidence.    In one show I watched, investigators sprayed a special formula on a wooden floor to […]

Another Birthday

  So another birthday has rolled around for me for another year. You know what they say—it’s better to be over the hill than under it. Mama who turned 96 this year says, “It’s not bad getting old. It’s just getting all crippled up that hurts.” Our family makes a […]