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Gentleman Jesus

They laid Jesus’ dead body in the tomb. Their hopes and dreams for a conquering Messiah to overcome the Roman rulers lay dead, too. So, their hopes all gone, and in fear for their lives, they all hid out. Life would never be the same again, but life would go […]

Pepsi Generation

When we were small, we would go to the corner store to buy groceries and occasionally my mom would let us buy a carton of 6 eight-ounce bottles of pop. Mom usually wanted Seven-up, but we kids got all kinds. There were four of us, counting Mom, so there would […]

Breaker, Breaker

Do you remember when CB radios first came into wide use? Everyone had to have one. “Breaker, breaker,” we’d say into our new microphone, not really knowing what that meant except that’s what you were supposed to say when you wanted to talk. And we all had to have a […]

Talking Car

My car talks. It posts notifications on the dash and talks through the radio speaker. My car is synchronized with my iPhone by BlueTooth and I’m able to call and talk hands-free. The other day when driving to Mother’s house I initiated a call to her to tell her I […]