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This Same Jesus

  I wish I could have been there when Jesus fed the 5000. I can only imagine how it happened. Did the bread grow out and the fish enlarge? Maybe He broke the bread and fish into 12 pieces each, then give each disciple one piece each and then as […]

Decoration Day

When I was a kid, we always visited the cemeteries on Memorial Day, or as we called it Decoration Day, to decorate graves of our relatives. Mama even decorated graves of old family friends and lonely graves that didn’t have any flowers.  We spent the day driving to the cemetery, […]

Jesus Is Alive

I went with the other women, following along the marks on the pathway made by the cross He dragged. Spatters of blood muddied up the pathway. Even from a distance the groans that escaped His mouth sent daggers into my heart. The men had fled. There was no hope of […]