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Be Ready

We completed a financial deal a while back in which everything that could go wrong did and what should have taken six weeks took four months. I was on the phone frequently with the agency handling the final details. When I found a sympathetic ear, the next time I called, […]

A Better Tomorrow

   When I look back in time, these Camp Fire Girls leaders who have impacted my life stand out: Dorothy Nix, Pat Sowers, Wanda Norton, and Nancy Funk; and the Camp Fire Day Camp director Eleanor Lewis;  and my mother Eunice Hightower who led my grade school Blue Birds Group. […]

Foretaste of Heaven

My flowers put on quite a show this spring. Climbing roses are trying to take over the chain-link fence. The clematis,heavy with blooms, is threatening to fall off the trellis. The peonies had more blooms than ever before. With a thunderstorm imminent, I raced out into the yard, clippers in hand, to cut dozens […]

Little Strawberries

  Granddad had a strawberry patch in his backyard when I was a kid. He grew Stilwell strawberries, the kind they grow in Stilwell, Ok., The Strawberry Capitol of the World. Mom and Daddy had a berry patch at different times in our lives, but those were never as good […]

Mother’s Prayers

  My little brother, Ross, and his playmate came into the house one afternoon to get a drink of water. As they passed the bedroom, they heard Mama praying. Ross’ playmate asked, “What’s she doin’ in there?” Ross replied, “Oh, don’t pay no ‘tention to her. She’s always praying.” I […]