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Crazy Friends

  Don’t you just love that story in the Bible about the men who carried their crippled friend up on the rooftop? Then they tore off the roof and let him down on his bed to where Jesus was. What were they thinking? Were they crazy to pull a stunt […]

The Desert Shall Bloom

  My hen-and-chicks plants bloomed this year. Maybe you have seen them bloom, but if I did,  I must not have realized what it was.         I raise cacti, African violets and other houseplants in addition to my outside gardening. Cacti or  succulents are very strange. (Cacti is the plural for cactus.) There […]

Snuggle Down Deeper

Sometimes very early in the morning, I get out of bed and go to the living room to stretch my legs. The recliner calls my name, so I take my baby neck pillow and baby blanket, and doze off for a while. Sassy the cat almost always jumps on the […]

Weeping Endures For the Night

Sadness is all around us. Hundreds of acres of trees and homes have burned in California and the word is that it was arson and only half-way contained. Two firefighters have lost their lives and many more have been injured, fighting the wildfires to save homes and lives. Some of our […]