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My New Dress

Do you remember your first store-bought clothes? ¬†When I was about 12, when school started, a church lady told Mama she wanted to buy my younger sister and me a couple of dresses. One of my dresses was a light yellow shirt-waist dress, with short sleeves. I felt like a […]

What We Eat

After I moved back to Vinita, Oklahoma, in 1977, my little son and I would go to Grand Lake fishing with Mom and Dad sometimes. Daddy would say, “Let’s go fishing,” then head outside to mess around with his fishing poles and tackle. Mom packed crackers and cheese, apples, cookies, […]

Aroma of Christ

My daddy smelled like strong coffee, cigarettes, and Coalgate Foamy shave cream. I loved to pat his soft cheeks after he shaved at night and kiss him goodnight. Perfume companies spend millions trying to come up with the perfect smell. They have found that a man’s favorite smell is pumpkin […]