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The Shaking

  Several years ago cracks developed in our walls and at the doorways and windows, and in the exterior brick. To preserve the value of our home, we called a company that repairs foundations and after a hefty amount of money was exchanged, our home was fitted with 14 piers, […]

Pictures of Jesus

PICTURES OF JESUS My favorite picture of Jesus is the one on my little Primary Sunday School card I found recently, with brown hair and beard, and such a kind face, holding the little lamb He had rescued over his shoulders. If you showed that picture to people, many would […]

Do Unto Others

One important thing our mama taught us was to say we were sorry. I can remember saying, “But Mama, I was right. They were wrong. I shouldn’t have to apologize.” But she’d say, “Yes you have to. Even if you were right, you should tell them you are sorry that […]

Aliens Among Us

I watched the old Star Trek from the beginning with William Shatner as the captain. Then came Captain Piccard. Then there was the lady captain, I forgot her name. I even have the Star Trek movies boxed set. One year, I was late for choir practice every week because I […]