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Work Calendars

I could go back in my work calendars and tell you exactly what shift I was working on which day and year, all through my career with the phone company. I can tell you who my babysitter was and probably how much I paid her. I can tell you when […]

The Great Reunion

We threw together the First Annual Brock family reunion last weekend held at the cemetery where my great grandparents were buried. Our plan was to meet our cousins in the cemetery to visit and decorate the graves, then go to the second cemetery, and from there head home. When we […]

Walking on the Water

I was working as a telephone operator in 1983 when a repairman came to change a light bulb on my console where I sat. I asked, “What is your title?” and he said, “Central office repairman.” And to myself I said, I could do that. That chance encounter planted a […]