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Precious Memories

The first time I remember visiting graveyards was when I was 8 in May of 1958. After dinner on the ground at our house in Vinita served on long tables made out of boards, we drove to the cemetery at Bluejacket, Ok. to decorate the graves. Our California cousins and […]

Just Like a Child

When my grandsons were little, they delighted in bringing me flowers from the yard, so I put the little precious dandelions into little jars of water for them to enjoy. When they came back a day or two later, they got new flowers from the yard to replace the faded […]

God’s Treasure Book

We’ve been watching a National Geographic Channel show recently called Diggers about 2 crazy-acting guys who travel around with their metal detectors and uncover “artifacts” that have been lost to time. Most of the time it is stuff like old metal buttons, bullets, or cannonballs, but it is fun to […]

Job’s Wife

Things were looking pretty good for Job and his wife. In the prime of their lives, they finally had their kids raised, had a nice home, with plenty of money in the bank. Job was a well-known leader in the community, just about the wealthiest man around. They were just […]