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Mansion in Heaven

Don’t you just love to watch those shows where the people are searching for beachfront property on a budget or buying a home in the Caribbean? How about a condo on the beach? No? How about a house, but it will cost you more? Instead of a beachfront, you might […]

Crazy Flying Moths

We have been overrun by some crazy flying moths. Don’t give me any advice about how to get rid of them. I’ve heard it all and it all works, but that doesn’t help my attitude. I run around the house with a flyswatter or swatting in the air trying to […]

Prom Time

I had invited an out-of-town boy to take me to my junior prom. The only problem was that I didn’t know how to dance. My denomination didn’t believe in dancing, but that year I was determined to “sin anyway!” Of course, now I realize it isn’t so much the dancing […]

Mothers of America

MOTHERS OF AMERICA America loves mom, baseball, and apple pie. America was formed at mother’s knee. Proudly standing beside their husbands, they helped tame the Old West; labored in the factories during World War II, prayed for the troops on foreign soil who were fighting for freedom. Mothers have made […]