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Holidays Jewels from the Word

Friends, as a belated Christmas gift, I want to post a file which you can download named Holidays Jewels From the Word which contains 30 of the Christmas devotionals I have written over the years. I know many of you have read my devotionals over the years so these might […]

Turn Your Radio On

I used to sing an old gospel song named ‘Turn Your Radio On,’ written by Albert Brumley in 1938. Turn your radio on and listen to the music in the air Turn your radio on, heaven’s glories share Turn your lights down low, and listen to the Master’s radio Get […]

Coming Up Bull Creek

The home where I grew up was across the alley from the creek. Bull Creek was a very shallow, lazy creek. Never one time in my life did I see a boat on Bull Creek. Even if someone had tried to float a boat on the creek, they wouldn’t have […]

Lights of the Christmas Tree

In the years when we were teenagers, Mama bought a silver aluminum Christmas tree, and we decorated it with all our old decorations she had accumulated over those early years. Our favorite lights were the old-fashioned bubble lights that looked like oil pumping up inside, made to look like a […]