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God’s Plan For Me

When I started the third grade, we were assigned a story to write about how we spent our summer vacation. That happened to be the only summer vacation I had ever taken, to California with our cousins. While we were there, we went to Seal Beach, where we found sea […]

Do Thanksgiving Differently

What is your ritual for Thanksgiving? Say grace, (maybe the only time of the year you do that) dig into the turkey and dressing, eat till you are stuffed, watch a little football, visit with family, take a little nap, wake up and eat leftovers for supper. Hey what’s wrong […]

Remembering Thanksgiving

  I found some pictures of a Thanksgiving dinner table at my mother’s taken in 1986. My husband and my dad sat at each end with my younger sister, all our kids, and me on each side and I guess Mother was taking the picture. The two little kids were […]

Crape Myrtle Blooms

As I walked around the yard, “surveying the estate,” I wandered over to check out the crape myrtle bushes. I have four crape myrtles, three dark pink ones and one lilac one. I thought I bought four alike, but the first year they bloomed I was surprised. Crape myrtles bloom […]