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Good Plan for Your Life

1910 my grandpa Ela Swift left Missouri and came to Bluejacket, Ok. looking for work. He happened to see a pretty girl named Gertie Taylor who had moved with her family in a covered wagon to Oklahoma. Ela (we pronounce it E-lee) wanted to court Gertie but she wouldn’t go […]

Synchronize Your Watches

I had to search the internet to find the answer to a question. When was the end of Daylight Saving Time changed from the last Sunday of October until the first Sunday of November? It all began when someone forwarded a post recently on Facebook saying that the Daylight Saving […]

Important Keepsakes

I’ll never forget how excited I was to be buying my class ring when I was a junior at Vinita High School. I saved up my tips and paychecks from waitressing until I had the $25 it took to order one. There were no choices—you either bought a girl’s class […]

Shrek the Merino Sheep

There’s a story floating around the Internet about a Merino sheep which hid out in caves to avoid having his wool sheared. The sheep which has been named “Shrek” ran away from his flock, evading detection, and avoiding being sheared for 6 years. Two weeks after his capture, he was […]