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Missing Out

When I was a kid, the 4th of July Fireworks show was held at the Vinita rodeo grounds and we could watch from our front yard. Oh, the joy of watching the colors burst against the dark evening sky! We ooh’d and ah’d as each display was more beautiful, more […]

Control Central

 My dining table is always covered with bills, magazines, my purse, and of  course, the flower arrangement which you can’t see for all the clutter. I  struggle to keep it cleaned off and envy those beautiful tabletops in magazines with the centerpiece and place settings ready to sit down to Thanksgiving […]

The Honeysuckle Vines

THE HONEYSUCKLE VINE We kids loved to play around in our yard. Our mama had a variety of flowers and plants. We had a rose bush right outside the back door that we called the Edward rosebush named for our little brother. With tiny red roses and thousands of tiny […]