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The Power of Praise

The midnight hour. The worry hour. That stressful time of night when all the cares of the world come crashing in on you, depriving you of your sleep. The baby’s cough is always worse at midnight. The headache always roars at midnight. Fevers soar at midnight. “And at midnight, Paul […]

My Tom’s Peanut Jar

Years ago, I bought a Toms Nuts glass gallon jar at a garage sale for fifty cents. I loved that jar. I used it in the kitchen of my mobile home to store stuff in, mainly the crackers, ketchup, and salt you get with your hamburger. Coupons went into the […]

Gardens Already Planted

I’m not much of an outdoor gardener these days, but I have planted several perennials in the yard that bloom each year. Most are doing pretty well, but I haven’t had much luck with azaleas here in northeast Oklahoma. I’ve replanted new ones twice, but they died both times, and […]

Living Water

  I remember when I was a kid how we bragged about having the best-tasting water in the whole state right here in Vinita, Ok., especially when compared to the water at our grandparents’  home in Kansas. Their water was nasty, sulfur water. It stunk like rotten eggs and we […]

Reading About Heaven

  I love to read about and dream about heaven. Books about heaven are on the New York Times Best-sellers List. The book “Heaven is for Real” written by Todd Burpo has been No. 1 nonfiction paperback on The New York Times’ best-seller list for 59 non-consecutive weeks. Another book […]