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Mama’s Birthday

  What do you buy your Mother for her birthday when she turns 97 years old? We used to ask her, “What do you want for your birthday, Mama?” and she’d always say, “I just want my babies around me for my birthday.” When we were kids, we made her […]

Call Her Blessed

My sister and I had our children just 6 weeks apart. Her twins were born in June and my son in July so we called them the triplets. Mother bought three little matching outfits several times to dress them in for pictures. We didn’t live in the same town but […]

The Lottery

“If I ever won the lottery, (I don’t play the game or gamble) the first thing I would do is…….” Quite a question. Most Christians will say, “The first thing I’d do is pay my tithes.” Others say they would travel or buy a new house or car. I’d love […]