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What We Eat

After I moved back to Vinita, Ok. in 1977, my little son and I would go to Grand Lake fishing with Mom and Dad sometimes. Daddy would say, “Let’s go fishing,” then head outside to mess around with his fishing poles and tackle. Mom packed crackers and cheese, apples, cookies, […]

Called By Name

 We have an indoor cat named Sassy, but she doesn’t know her name. In fact, most of the time we just call her “kitty,” as in “here, kitty, kitty, kitty,” so I guess her name is really Kitty. We used to feed some outside cats. That practice got started innocently enough. A couple of […]

Outdoor Living

I sat this afternoon at the dining table, gazing out the window,  lost in thought. When I came to myself, I saw 3 squirrels chasing each other around the yard, up and down the crabapple tree. Suddenly all three went up  the tree and out of sight. A very large blue […]

Choose You This Day

  The proudest day of my life, up to the time I was 12 years old, was when my older sister had her first baby. She is 6 years older than I and when she had that baby, I thought he was my baby too. We spent many hours together, with […]