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Library Books

I can remember even before going to first grade, sitting quietly holding a picture book with a little yellow duck on the front. And I remember the storybook of the Three Little Kittens who have lost their mittens. I remember walking to the library in the city hall. I loved […]

Diamond Fireflies

 It’s about the time of year when the fireflies come out.  Sitting out in the backyard at twilight, seeing the twinkles in the air  around me, the sight brought wonder to my young heart. We called them lightening bugs. And we pulled their little light off and placed it on […]

God’s Favorites

My little sister was spoiled. She was Mama’s favorite. She was sickly when she was a baby and Mama always catered to her and let her do whatever she wanted. My little brother was Mama’s favorite too. Mama lost a little boy before I was born so when my little […]

Cruise Night

CRUISE NIGHT When I was a teenager, we had cruise night every Friday and Saturday nights–when we drug Main, Main Street, that is.  We went around the circle drive at Trails Inn drive-in, then back down Main to the post office where we did a U-turn, then back to Trails […]