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A Real Christmas Tree

When we were kids, we always got our Christmas tree the last day of school before Christmas, given to us by the school teachers. Every year for many years, we got a tree on Christmas Eve and left it up until New Year’s Day. When I had my own home, […]


I’m sure all Mary wanted was to be left alone, so she could rest after the birth. She sure wasn’t ready for any company, much less strangers.   However not long after she gave birth and wrapped the baby in the special clothing she had brought with her, the shepherds came […]

Jesus What a Precious Name

She rode into town on a donkey, nine months pregnant. Her husband hadn’t wanted to make this trip, but it was a commandment by the government that each family go to the town of their ancestry to pay taxes, and since Joseph was a descendant of David, they had to go to […]

Good Meal with the Lord

GOOD MEAL WITH THE LORD The turkey is stuffed into the frig and the pumpkin bread that didn’t rise has been tossed out. We’re already wondering if we should diet between Thanksgiving and Christmas or just keep wracking up the calorie-count until New Year’s Day. Daddy always complained, when we […]