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Favorite Clothes

I’ll never forget the navy-and-white polka dot blouse I bought in 1976 to wear with my crisp white polyester slack pants. I really don’t know how I looked in that outfit, but I felt like a million bucks. Of course, that was back in my much-younger days, when I was […]


Years after graduating high school, I have had dreams of showing up on the first day of junior high school, not knowing where my classrooms were, and wandering the maze of halls of the old three-story Vinita High School trying to find my classroom. In my dream, I opened door […]

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  What do you do the day after a great holiday? You get up and go back to work, so that’s what Peter did. They’d had a glorious Easter Sunday evening church service. Jesus had died on the cross, and was dead and buried for three days, but on a […]