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Going Around the Mountain

  “Does it feel like you are stuck in a rut? Break out of that rut and come to this restaurant, or go to that vacation place. Or buy this. Or try this.”  Advertisers know that we want to change, but we don’t want to change. The rut feels comfortable. […]

The Tattoo of God

When I want to remember something important, I write it on my hand. If I don’t do that to remind myself, I may not remember for days. That is an important  part of you, the palm of your hand. It is always right there in front of you, where it […]

Disputing His Word

I remember times I tried to argue with my mother when I was a child and she would say, “Are you disputing my word? Are you calling me a liar?” Her word was the final authority and what Mama said went. There’s a lot of talk about faith these days. […]