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Snowed In

I remember one snowstorm when I was about 7. The yard and trees were completely covered with snow, blinding white snow. My younger sister and I stood at the window, awe-struck with the sight of all that snow. Our little brother Ross reached between us to pull our heads apart, […]


Dad loved to fish and spent many hours of his long life sitting quietly waiting for the fish to bite. If the fish were biting at all, Daddy could catch them, even if no one else did. And most of the time, Mom was right by his side. He knew […]

Only Those You Love

My Valentines from first grade showed up at Mother’s home a few years ago. What a treat! Names I hadn’t thought of in 30 years showed up wishing me Happy Valentine’s Day. Be Mine. U R sweet. With love. Best friends. In 1999, Mother’s home was flooded with 3 feet […]

All Who Sail With You

In Acts chapter 27, a great storm came up on the Mediterranean Sea when Paul was a prisoner, being taken to Rome. He had tried to tell the captain of the ship that there was a storm coming, but they decided to chance it and sailed anyway. According to some […]