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Grow Light

My house looks like a jungle now that the first freeze threat of the season has come. My home has a covered patio where I hang baskets along the edge of the roofline, and some of those plants I wanted to keep. I also have a straggly schefflera plant in […]

Song Stuck in Your Heart

Did you ever get a song stuck in your head? You hear it all day long, all night long. Every time your mind is in neutral, the song is playing. This last year I have had one song stuck in my head, Well, not in the typical sense that every […]


Some jobs just never seem to get done–like cleaning the top of the range vent hood. Nearly every time I cook, I stand looking at the dust and grime on top of the range hood and think, “Next time I do the dishes, and wipe down the stove, I’ll scrub […]

Good Shoes to Walk in

My 94-year-old mother used to always say she was only ready when she “dressed her feet.” That was the sign she was ready to “go to work.” If your feet weren’t “dressed,” you weren’t ready for whatever would happen that day. Shoes have always been very important to me since […]