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Your Recreation

  When I was a kid in school, I loved recess, almost as much as I love reading. I loved the merry-go-round, when I ran as fast as I could go, pushing it around and round, and then jumped on to ride. I loved to ride bikes, racing down the […]

Ship Coming Up Bull Creek

  The home where I grew up was across the alley from Bull Creek. Bull Creek was very shallow and lazy creek, but no boats ever floated our section of the creek. Never one time in my life did I see a boat on Bull Creek. Even if someone had […]

Escaping the Flood

When the threat of the hurricane was announced by the National Weather Service, all the television news reports pleaded with the residents to evacuate the area because the Hurricane Isaac was on its way into the area. The governor of each state begged people of the affected areas to move […]