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The Revealer of Secrets

Have you ever had a dream that bugged you, seemed important, maybe life-changing, but you just couldn’t remember it? You knew when you woke up that Someone was trying to tell you something important. Sometimes God is speaking to you, trying to get through to you through your subconscious mind […]

Unlimited Heavenly Data

I have unlimited data, unlimited talk, and unlimited text messaging on my cell phone plan. I could call you to talk until my phone ran down, plug it into the wall to charge while we were talking, and keep talking a little longer. I could send 500 texts or more […]

My Fortress

I’ve always been proud of my maiden name Hightower, a combination of the words ‘high’ and ‘tower’ so that the combined meaning refers to a high or tall tower. When I first became aware of the meanings of words, my unusual last name stood out from the names of my […]