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Grace and Mercy

GRACE AND MERCY Grace and mercy ! One of my favorite prayers. The old-timers used that as a euphemism instead of cussing. “Lord, have mercy!” or “Mercy goodness.” I have said it myself. But lately I have been really praying for mercy! “Lord, don’t give me what I deserve. Give […]

Asparagus Bed

I’ve been picking three or four asparagus stalks a day for several weeks now, from just a small bed of asparagus in my flower bed, putting them in a glass of water until I accumulate enough to cook. I should have planted more asparagus when I planted that flower bed. […]

Intervene in Prayer

Mother’s Day cards show up on store shelves April 1st through Mother’s Day, describing the most wonderful mothers of the world, but what about those mothers who don’t live up to the rosy sentiments on greeting cards? How can we reconcile those? Isn’t a mother’s love the closest there is […]

Rhino in my Heart

When I worked for the phone company, I went to the company school in Dallas at least once a year. In 1995 I joined a traveling crew, going all over the state. I left on Monday morning and returned on Thursday night. One night recently I dreamed of finding a […]

Onyx, Bdellium, and Gold

Gold is selling for $1660 today and silver for $31 an ounce. Gold-buying parties are popping up everywhere. Existing businesses are now buying gold and silver too. There’s big money to be made, whether you are buying or selling. A tiny handful of broken necklaces and earrings can bring you […]

Old Snake Skin

I have a snakeskin hanging over some deer horns in my living room. Some poor old snake is running around with no clothes on. No, really, the snake grew a new skin underneath and then shed the old skin. If he were to shed the old skin too soon, it […]