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Your Ancestry

I recently held a letter in my own hands written by my great grandmother Mary May (Slankard) Hightower in 1929 to her son and daughter-in-law, my grandparents. It was in a box of papers that looked like they would disintegrate and fly away if I breathed on them. I carefully […]

Closest Friend

At the telephone operators’ reunion, it always comes up. “Hey, remember how Lavon pulled out in front of that semi (when we were car-pooling to Tulsa and it was my turn to drive) and she had her cigarette in one hand and her Pepsi between her legs? Everyone screamed. “Gun […]

Jesus Our New Year

Until a couple of years ago, all I had ever heard about the Mayans was the archaeological discoveries made in Central America. Then suddenly everywhere you turned you were being told about the Mayan calendar which announced the end of the world in the year 2012. We here in the […]