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Weeding the Garden

  Weeks of high temperatures over 90 and high pollen count kept me inside, gazing at my flower garden through my dining room picture window. The Hibiscus bed is overgrown with weeds and asparagus. The 6-foot-tall plant growing beside my bright red hibiscus in the west flower bed looks nice […]

Rhino in my Heart

When I worked for the phone company, I went to school at least once a year, usually in Dallas. Then in 1995 I joined a traveling crew, going all over the state. I left on Monday morning and returned on Thursday night. As a result I got good at packing […]

The Tattoo of God

When I want to remember something important, I write it on my hand. If I don’t do that to remind myself, I might not remember for days. The palm of your hand is an important part of you. It is always right there in front of you, where it can […]

10 Ways to Look Younger

  1. Put a smile on your face. Proverbs 15:13, “A happy heart makes the face cheerful.” 2. Treat everyone equally well. James 2:9 nkjv “If you show partiality, you commit sin.” 3. Watch what you say. Ephesians 3:29 “Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth.” 4. Look […]