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Line Up With The Cross

  Recently while we were cleaning the church, we started rearranging furniture a little as women like to do. When we were vacuuming the church sanctuary carpeting, we moved the pulpit and communion table, just a little. Oh, nothing too noticeable. We spruced up the drapes over the window into […]

The Tricycle of Time

  My daughter loaned me her one-speed bike last week. I’m going to put a comfortable old lady’s seat on it and cruise the streets of Vinita, as soon as the heat wave is over. I got my first bike for my birthday the summer before third grade, a used […]

Silver-Leafed Maple

  Grandmother had a great shade tree in her backyard–giant silver-leaf maple tree. The backyard facing east was always so shady and cool, almost like being out in the country. Grandmother’s house was just a three-room cottage, so peaceful and quiet. I don’t recall who discovered the silver-leaf maple tree […]