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The Real Thing

Every year when school was out, the other kids could be found playing baseball, roller-skating, riding bikes, or swinging, but I was inside reading a book. Oh, I roller-skated some and loved my bike, but reading was my first love. I got my first library card when I was eight […]

The Heat Burst

The temperature of Wichita, Kansas, rose almost 20 degrees Wednesday night, right after midnight, (actually Thursday, June 9, 2011) when a rare weather condition called a heat burst occurred during a thunderstorm. The National Weather Service explained there have to be perfect weather conditions for this to happen. There were […]

Choose Life

Several years ago I was torn between planting blackberries or raspberries along the fence-row. I have always wanted to grow berries and have longed over the pictures in the seed catalog, but I have heard that raspberries are hard to grow in Oklahoma. And I hate the thorns on blackberries, […]