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Time To Seek The Lord

“I think we’ve had enough rain now, Lord. Send the rain down to West Texas where they really need it.” I know quite a few Midwesterners who will agree with me.  The ground was saturated with water until no more rain could soak in. Hardened ground can’t absorb water so […]

Musical Worship

  Little kids love to sing loudly, heartily, putting their whole body, soul, and spirit into it. They just can’t stand still so they do a little jig as they sing. Teach a child the song Jesus Loves Me and he will know it till the day he dies. When […]

Imitators of God

  Every little girl loves to get into her mom’s closet, dress up in her mom’s clothes and high heels, and walk around with the dress trailing behind her, a huge purse hanging over her arm. And what child doesn’t like to step into Daddy’s work boots and stomp around, pretending […]

Disputing God’s Word

I tried to argue with my mother when I was a child, but she would say, “Are you disputing my word?” Her word was the final authority and there was no need to discuss it or argue about it any further. A person might ask you, “What faith are you?” […]