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Producing Tears

  It’s hard to make yourself cry, to produce tears. In movie-making, when the actress has to cry, I guess she has to think of something very sad to make herself cry, or they put drops of water in her eyes just before they start filming to make it look […]

Fine China

  My first set of china in 1969 was from a gas station, 50 cents for each place setting with a tank of gas. My first set of eating utensils could hardly be labeled “silverware.” It was stainless steel, no design, functional. I was never in that class of society […]

When Morning Comes

 We’ve been told we can’t turn back the clock but on the island of Tonga, that isn’t true. You can go back to yesterday. However yesterday will never be the same, and some things can never be changed. When you cross the International Date Line, today becomes tomorrow or yesterday. […]