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The Desert Shall Bloom

A cactus is a very strange plant. Some varieties look just like rocks; others are covered with stickers. Some of them are downright ugly. Others actually look dead. You seldom see one bloom. Cactus or other succulents store up all the moisture they can get, then use it up during […]

Bird Feeder

Right after it snowed, I set a bird feeder on my potting bench where I can see it from my desk. I put  a camera on a ledge hoping to take a picture of a pair of cardinals but haven’t had any success yet. Birds must have very sharp eyes […]

God’s Plan

  After all these years of working outside the home, sometimes I feel like I never want to leave my house again. I started working as a waitress when I was 15 years old. In 2003, I retired from the phone company after 32 years and, after a year off, […]

System Restore

Microsoft Windows operating system has a feature called System Restore that takes the computer back to a previous date on the calendar. If you have problems with your computer, the System Restore program rolls back the settings to a date when everything was working well. Wouldn’t life be great if […]