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Preserving Life’s Memories

This Christmas when we gathered around Mother for pictures, it was probably the 50th year I have taken pictures. Then I handed Mother the camera and had her take pictures of my family and that was probably 75 years she has been taking pictures.   Mother has pictures she took when she was young, […]

Home For Christmas

When  we ask my ninety-two year-old mother what she wants for Christmas, she  always says, “I just want my little babies around me.”  And now I find myself saying the very same thing when I am asked what I want for Christmas. I can’t think of a thing I want, except […]

Heaven Must Have Been Lonely

Heaven must have been lonely without Jesus. For nine months, the anticipation had been building in heaven. The angels had watched and waited, knowing Jesus was being nurtured and protected by Mary’s physical body until that moment when He would be born, as the Old Testament prophets of God had […]

Miracle of Jesus’ Birth

I’m sure all Mary wanted was to be left alone, so she could rest after the birth of her baby. She sure wasn’t ready for any company, much less strangers, but not long after she gave birth and wrapped the baby in the special clothing she had brought with her, […]